How to Successfully Shop For an Entry Door

While many homeowners don’t give their entry doors much thought on a daily basis, they are an extremely important part of the overall look of any house. If you haven’t ever replaced your front door, or if it has been many years, now might be the perfect time to start looking for a style you love. You are sure to be amazed by how much changing your front door can alter the entire aesthetic of your home’s entryway. Below, you’ll find some helpful shopping tips.

Consider the material you want

Depending on the age of your Carolina home, you may have a wooden, steel, or fiberglass front door right now. The older your residence is, the more likely it is that the door is made from wood. Although wood doors are absolutely beautiful, they do tend to age more quickly than some other materials when they come into contact with the elements. Adding a storm door is a great way to slow the weathering process, but it’s still something to keep in mind as you choose a material. Wood doors also tend to be the most expensive option on the market.

Steel and fiberglass doors are both immensely popular among today’s homeowners, due in large part to their durability. Both of these materials can be expected to last for decades with very little regular maintenance. Typically, steel doors are less expensive than fiberglass varieties, but some homeowners find that it is worth it to spend the extra money because fiberglass is both long-lasting and resistant to a variety of weather events.

Understand the terminology

There are a number of potentially unfamiliar terms you might encounter while shopping for your new front door. The more you understand the terminology of the door manufacturing industry, the easier it will be for you to communicate exactly what it is that you want to purchase.

In this industry, for instance, the term “composite” refers to any door that is not made entirely of a single material. This is quite common nowadays. In fact, even many wood doors are considered composites because they have steel cores or foam insulation cores.

“Flush” and “paneled” are also important terms to know. These are somewhat self-explanatory but refer to whether or not entry doors have recessed areas (panels) on them. Some homeowners like the look of paneled doors, while others prefer completely flat (flush) styles.

Decide where to purchase your door

Figuring out where to buy a new front door for your home can be more challenging than you might expect. You’ll have to decide whether you want to order a custom door from a local North Carolina or South Carolina millwork company, buy an off-the-rack door from a big box retailer, or place an order from any number of online manufacturers.

If you are struggling to come to a decision, talk to your contractor. He or she will be able to help you figure out where the best place to get an entry door that fits your needs really is. Furthermore, he or she may even be able to get discounts you can’t receive as a non-professional, allowing you to get a more expensive door than you thought you could afford.

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