How to Use Technology For Accurate Measurements

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There was a time when contractors and home construction professionals had to measure every space in a home by hand very carefully. This was often a tedious process and, unfortunately, it was easy to make mistakes even when one was extremely careful and precise. In this day and age, contractors have access to a variety of tools, including smartphone apps and computer programs, that make getting measurements easier than ever before.

If you are interested in understanding more about how to use this sort of technology, you are sure to enjoy reading the rest of this guide. Common questions have been answered in the following paragraphs. It’s important to note that many measurement apps and programs are not contractor-specific. Anyone can download them and use them, which means you can take your own measurements as well if you want to.

How does this technology work?

In the case of smartphone and tablet apps, such as Hover, basic information about a house is entered, then a tutorial prompts the user to take photos of the home. Then, an innovative algorithm develops a digital version of the house with perfectly accurate measurements. Hover, specifically, can only take exterior measurements, but some programs can also be used to measure interior spaces. Computer programs sometimes require more information from the user since it’s harder to capture photographs with them. You may be able to upload images, however.

How do you know which program to use?

Once you start looking into downloading or purchasing a measurement app or software program, you might find yourself feeling a bit overwhelmed by the numerous options that are currently on the market. The best way to narrow down which options are best for your needs, or to talk to your contractor about, is to consider your priorities seriously.

Maybe, for example, your main goal is to be able to easily collaborate with your contractor on the plans for your renovation. If this is the case, you need to make sure you find an app that allows multiple users to access a single project and that will run properly on both your device and your contractor’s. Or, perhaps money is your primary concern, and you want to make sure you select a free program. This will limit you somewhat, but there are certainly options available.

It is also imperative for you to read ample reviews of any program you’re thinking about using. This will help you see what other users like you think and become aware of any issues that exist with the application. You could, for instance, discover that one option is known for crashing frequently; this might sway you away from it. Having a good idea of what your peers think about various home measurement programs will make it simpler for you to make a confident selection.

If you are thinking about allowing the team at Hatch Homes to oversee your upcoming renovation job, we urge you to ask questions about how technology can help with measurements. We enjoy having open conversations with our clients and like to educate homeowners about the remodeling process. The more you know about what is happening to your home, the more comfortable you are sure to feel from start to finish!

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