How Vinyl Siding Became America’s Most Popular Home Covering

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Until the 1960s, American homeowners were somewhat limited when it came to figuring out what they wanted to use to cover their homes. They could, of course, use stone or brick, which were both fairly costly, or they could invest in wooden siding. This was the most affordable choice at the time, but it came with a lot of upkeep. For one thing, it had to be completely repainted every year or two, and if any of the wooden boards rotted, they had to be pulled out and replaced, which risked damage to the surrounding strips of siding.

Then, in the 1960s, manufacturers developed vinyl siding for the first time. This new home covering option was not as popular as you might imagine right off the bat. The first few iterations were not of the highest quality, and it was actually seen as a low-cost option for people who couldn’t afford anything better for their homes. The early vinyl siding was very thin, which meant it tended to warp, crack, and split, especially in extreme heat or extreme cold.

Once the 1970s came around, however, vinyl siding had begun to improve. Each strip of siding was thicker, which prevented warping, and the overall appearance of vinyl siding was better, giving it a more wood-like look than it had originally had. At this time, wood siding was still considered the standard in the siding industry. Over the next several decades, vinyl siding slowly became America’s most popular home covering option.

In today’s society, in fact, the majority of American homeowners choose vinyl siding for both new construction jobs and remodeling projects. There are dozens upon dozens of siding colors and styles available to modern consumers. This means that no matter what look you’re going for, there’s sure to be a vinyl siding option that meets your needs. Whether you want a coastal, shingled look, a modern look, or a rustic wood look, today’s vinyl siding styles have you covered.

Over the past decade, as a matter of fact, vinyl siding has become even better than ever before, particularly in the area of wind resistance. Certain manufacturers also claim that their siding can withstand wind speeds of 270 MPH. This is especially good news for those who live in hurricane-prone regions, including Charleston, SC. Vinyl siding is also virtually free from any form of maintenance. It doesn’t have to be painted, it rarely cracks, and it can be wiped clean with any household cleaner you prefer.

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