How Will Siding Impact My House Overall?

If you are thinking about having new siding installed on your home in the near future, you might have already started looking at average pricing for this type of renovation project. If you’ve never had siding installed before, you might have found yourself feeling surprised by how much of an investment labor and materials can be! Rest assured that you are not alone. Lots of Carolina homeowners are worried about how much they are going to have to spend on siding before their jobs actually get underway. 

Before you nix the idea of having siding installed, however, it is important for you to understand what a crucial role properly installed siding plays in the overall functionality of your house. In short, siding is extremely important for a number of reasons. As you read the next several paragraphs, you will discover more details about some of the benefits new siding is likely to have for your household. 


Water damage is one of the biggest threats to the structural integrity of a house. High-quality siding, however, can greatly reduce the risk of water-related problems, including mold growth and wood rot. If you’ve noticed signs of leaks, such as dripping areas where your walls meet and water spots, you should have your current siding inspected as soon as possible. The odds are good that there are cracks, missing nails, or other issues that are causing water to infiltrate your interior walls. 

Siding makes your house more energy-efficient

Very few homes, of course, completely lack siding. When siding begins to get old, or if it wasn’t properly installed in the first place, however, the energy efficiency of a house will dramatically decrease. This is primarily because siding prevents wind gusts, precipitation, and other forms of weather from causing serious damage. Deteriorating siding will not protect the interior of your house from the elements, so if you’ve noticed an increase in your energy bills, your siding is probably the reason why. 

Although procuring new siding for your Carolina home is an investment, you will ultimately save money on your energy bills every month. Furthermore, your family will be more comfortable and you will reduce your household’s overall environmental footprint. This final factor is especially important to families who are taking concrete steps to “go green.” 

Siding improves property value

Although aesthetics aren’t everything, it is important to have a well-maintained home if you want your Carolina property value to increase every year. Attractive, correctly installed siding can go a long way toward boosting the value of your house, not to mention it adds curb appeal. The more appealing your home looks, the happier you will be to return home every day. 

If you are ready to discuss the possibility of having new siding put on your home in the near future, give the Hatch Homes office a call at your earliest convenience. We look forward to getting to know your family and are excited to help you pick the perfect siding for your lifestyle. From popular vinyl boards to extremely durable fiber cement panels, our crew has experience with just about any type of siding you can imagine!

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