Important Information About Window and Door Air Leaks

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No matter where you live in North Carolina or South Carolina, window and door air leaks could be affecting your utility bills throughout the year. Although this issue certainly affects homeowners who live in colder regions more, it can also lead to high air conditioning bills during the summer months if cool air is escaping from your home. As you read on, you will learn more about window and door air leaks, including how to test for them to tell if they are impacting your home.

Carefully look at the seals

Broken, cracked, or missing seals on door frames and window frames are a major warning sign that air leaks are an issue in any given household. If you think you are experiencing air leakage, the very first thing you should do is inspect the seals on each window and door in your house. If you notice anything suspect, like a large gap between the frame and your home’s wall, take a photo. Then, once you are done with your own assessment, contact a reputable local contractor who can check out everything you are worried about and advise you about what steps to take next.

Perform a “smoke test”

This tactic for checking for air leaks might sound scary, but it isn’t. As a matter of fact, it’s highly effective. To prepare for a smoke test, lock every door and window and turn off your entire HVAC system, including any space heaters and ceiling fans. Doing this will turn the interior of your house into a negative pressure zone, which is essential for performing a smoke test. Once you’ve completed the preliminary steps, hold a lit match or stick of incense around the edges of your doors and windows. If you notice the smoke moving in a wavy fashion or blowing back into your room, the odds that you’ve found an air leak are very high.

Invest in an infrared thermometer

Although the smoke test is simple to do and highly effective, some tech-savvy homeowners prefer using infrared thermometers to test for air leaks instead. This option is also best for individuals who may have allergies or other sensitivities to the smell of smoke. Infrared thermometers are not inexpensive, with most models starting around $100. They are, however, extremely accurate at providing visual imaging of the air temperature surrounding your windows and doors. If you have an air leak anywhere in your house, one of these thermometers will find it.

Whether you’ve confirmed that your home has window and door air leaks or you just want to make sure it doesn’t, calling the team at Hatch Homes to perform an assessment is an excellent idea. Our expert technicians will not only be able to pinpoint any air leaks for you but help you understand the most appropriate solutions for your situations. In some cases, air leaks can be repaired, but in other circumstances, it makes more sense to simply replace old windows and doors with new, energy efficient models. These are the sorts of things your Hatch Homes professional will be able to work with you to decide.

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