In-Depth Questions to Ask Architects

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If you are planning to work with an architect on your upcoming remodeling project, it is critical to ask all the right questions while you’re interviewing potential candidates. The obvious inquiries, such as how much he or she charges, whether or not he or she has done similar projects before, and when he or she can get started, ought to be easy to come up with, but there are other, more in-depth questions you also need to ask in order to make sure you ultimately make the best choice for you.

As you read the rest of this guide, you will see details about several less-known questions all homeowners should ask as they interview architects. The answers that various professionals give to these inquiries may very well help you make your final decision. They will help you see which expert’s overall vision aligns most with your own ideas for your renovation project.

  1. What part of your job do you enjoy the most? – This question will help you see what aspect of working in architecture matters most to each of the professionals on your shortlist. You may find, for example, that one person loves working with families and helping them create their dream spaces. Another, though, may enjoy the engineering aspect of the job more than the interpersonal components. You will have to decide which type of professional is the best fit for you.
  2. What most attracts you to my upcoming project? – Asking this question will give you the ability to understand what exactly motivates each prospective architect to take-on your project. Some, for instance, might be interested in the technical aspects, especially if it’s a job that requires a lot of alterations to your current floorplan. Others, however, might be most intrigued by the idea of giving you and your family a space that really works for your day-to-day lifestyle. Again, you will have to determine if someone whose priority is people or engineering is the best option for your needs.
  3. What is the worst experience you’ve had in your line of work? – This is a question that very few would-be clients think to ask architects. After all, who wants to hear about problems that have arisen on their past jobs? The answers professionals give to this inquiry, though, can be quite telling. You want to find someone who has learned from his or her past negative experiences and knows how to avoid the same pitfalls now.
  4. Will you be managing my project or will someone else? – Depending on how large the architecture firms you’re considering are, the architect you initially meet with may or may not be the person who ultimately manages your project. In small offices where only a couple of architects work, the odds are good that your first appointment will be with your dedicated architect. At larger companies, though, your job may be passed off to another individual. Make sure you meet with whoever will be overseeing your project plans before making your final choice.

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