Inexpensive Door & Window Insulation Options

No matter what part of North Carolina or South Carolina you live in, the odds are good that better insulation for your home is on your mind at various times of the year. For residents of mountainous North Carolina towns, for instance, cold winters can lead to unnecessary heat loss. In balmy South Carolina areas, on the other hand, the hot summer months can result in high cooling bills. You might not realize that your home’s doors and windows are responsible for most of your household’s costly utility bills. 

As you read the next few paragraphs, you’ll learn a few great ways more effectively insulate your windows and doors without spending a fortune. Hopefully, some of these will strike a chord with you and you’ll be able to implement them in the near future. You should notice a decrease in your energy costs and an increase in your family’s comfort level right away!

Purchase blackout curtains

Buying blackout curtains is a great way to prevent energy loss through window glass. These thick curtains help insulate rooms and keep hot or cool air inside. These window treatments are best for bedrooms, but can also be used in other rooms of the house if you intend to pull them open during the day. A set of off-the-rack blackout curtains will generally run you under $100. 

Add new weatherstripping

Although your home’s windows and doors probably have weatherstripping already, it is wise to investigate whether or not it is still in good repair at least once per year. New weatherstripping is extremely affordable and easy to obtain; nearly any big box retailer or home improvement store will have it in stock. All you have to do to install this material is peel off the adhesive backing. Make sure you remove any remnants of your previous weatherstripping first, however. 

Consider energy efficiency film

Energy efficiency film is a product made by a number of well-known brands, including 3M. It clings to the interior side of window panes and provides an additional layer of insulation. Energy efficiency film can increase the R-value of window glass and is an affordable solution if you can’t afford to upgrade your windows at this time. 

Put door snakes around the house

Door snakes are fabric tubes that sit at the bottom of doors, preventing air from escaping underneath. They are surprisingly effective at improving energy efficiency and are extremely easy to make yourself if you are crafty. If you would prefer to buy your door snakes, you can find them in many home improvement stores or order stylish versions from online marketplaces. 

Invest in storm doors and windows

If your Carolina residence doesn’t already have storm windows and storm doors, consider investing in them. Although they are more expensive than some of the other options on this list, they will pay for themselves over time. In addition to providing extra insulation, they can also function as a security measure, which is a priority for certain homeowners. 

If you are interested in finding out more about energy-efficient window and door options, give the Hatch Homes office a call. One of our team members will be happy to teach you more about what we do and how our window installation services may be beneficial to you. 

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