Interstate Compositwood Windows: The Pros & Cons

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Just like any other industry, the window world is continuously evolving. First came wood windows, and years later vinyl windows were born. The newer type of window to be developed is the composites. The manufacturer we will be discussing today is Interstate’s Compositwood windows.

Compositwood is made to provide the look of a natural wood window but without the negatives caused by wood. The product is composed to have the durability and weather resistance of vinyl. The sashes and frames are made from both a polymer and an acrylic resin to improve the all-around strength.

Interstate has also set themselves apart by applying a Supercap finish. The finish helps the product excel in even the harshest of weather conditions. The manufacturer has provided years of testing for this in the severe heat of Arizona and also in Florida which has proven to met or exceeded the AAMA 613 color standards.

1. Energy Efficiency will lower electricity bills
2. Natural wood look and design both inside and out.
3. Multiple weatherstrip paths available with interlocking sash and jambs to reduce air flow.
4. Meets the EnergyStar performance criteria.
5. A higher performance glass system that is affordable
1. Very little information about them found on the internet.
2. Thicker frame than other window frames in the market.
3. Not real wood

If you are sick of your vinyl windows or doors cracking or the finishes leaving a caulk residue? Does this sound like the window for you? Then look no further than to Interstate compositwood windows. Hatch Homes is a certified installer and would love to install your Interstate windows for you!

More than just a contractor.

Hatch is your partner for exterior remodeling.