vs. Other Fiber Cements

James Hardie Siding vs. Other Fiber Cements

James Hardie is the #1 brand of siding in America. James Hardie engineered fiber cement and 5.5 million plus homes later, they are still continuing to set the standard for premium siding and trim. Not only has James Hardie created better places to live, they’ve earned the loyalty of homeowners and the
endorsements of trusted experts.

7th Generations

Superior Paint Adhesion

Paint Stats

Ability to Withstand Freezing & Thawing

James Hardie Against Freezing Temps

Superior Water Resistance

Water Absorptions Vs. Other products


  • James Hardie Building Products was invented over 30 years ago
  • Formulation of Cement – finely ground sand and natural cellulose fibers, which provides the durability to resist damage caused fro, fire, severe winds, UV light, termites, and moisture


  • Engineered for Climate – All James Hardie siding products are engineered to stand up to the elements in which you live in.
  • Design Options – Thicker products enable a broader range of design options (e.g. Artisan® lap siding, HardieTrim® products)
  • Superior Finish – James Hardie provides fiber cement products with ColorPlus® Technology, which applies consistent, multiple coats of finish inside a climate controlled factory to eliminate debris and optimize adhesion to give you a lower maintenance solution
  • Proven Performance – Products and finishes are designed and tested against extreme weather and variable temperatures
  • Trim Tab Advancement – The use of fasteners creates a smoother finish when the trim is installed by concealing the nails.


  • James Hardie thrives on continuing research and development to take fiber cement to the next generation.
  • James Hardie has spent over $100MM in research and development and continues to invest in product advancements.

Don't be fooled by competitors!

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