Why Hardie – Durability

Siding durability refers to the lifetime of a product and how it will perform during that lifetime. The biggest challenge that your home’s exterior faces is harsh weather and environmental forces. If a siding is to be durable, then it needs to ward off the many perils of Mother Nature. James Hardie siding is scientifically formulated to do just that. This provides homeowners with a siding that is able to provide enduring beauty for decades.

Engineered for Climate

Hardiplank is the only siding in the world that is engineered for climate. What does that mean? It means that the manufacturer customizes their material for the environment in which it is being installed. In other words, the Hardie that you get in North Dakota is not the Hardie that you get in North Carolina. Why? Because the climatic conditions are completely different.

James Hardie segmented the country into 10 unique climatic zones. These regional zones face similar weather patterns and temperature swings. The Carolinas receive Hardie’s ‘HZ10’ product line.

HZ10 is scientifically engineered to withstand what Carolinians experience throughout the year. Humidity, blistering heat, and sometimes freezing temperatures are no match for the superior strength of James Hardie.

Resistant to the Elements

Rain. Pests. Heat. Time. Sun. Ice. Hardie protects you from all of them. See for yourself why the elements stand no chance against Hardie.

Sun/UV Exposure

Did you know that UV exposure can literally melt vinyl siding? Also, sunlight causes the paint finish of all other siding types to fade significantly faster than Hardie. Use the slider to see for yourself.


Water is the arch-nemesis of siding. It’s a powerful element. After all, it created the Grand Canyon. Hardie does not expand, contract, or deteriorate as a result of prolonged exposure to moisture.


Hardie is resistant to pests of any kind. Bugs & termites won’t eat it and woodpeckers won’t peck it. They don’t call them Cement Peckers for a reason!


Unlike wood or vinyl, Hardie is non-combustible. Whether it’s protecting your family from the spread of fire or protecting yourself from leaving the grill too close to the house, Hardie offers superior performance.


No siding on the market maintains its dimensional stability or aesthetic character longer than Hardie. Choose a siding that offers maintains enduring beauty for years to come.


As they say, Winter is Coming. Freeze/Thaw cycles cause other fiber cements to crack, split, and disintegrate. Unlike the others, Hardie is 100% Portland Cement and uses proprietary ingredients that withstand the harsh winter weather.