Key Ways to Protect Your Carolina Home From Flood Damage

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Unfortunately for homeowners in the Carolinas and around the United States, water damage from floods and severe rainstorms can occur all too easily. Depending on where you live in North Carolina or South Carolina, you may frequently find yourself in the path of serious weather, especially during hurricane season. 

Understanding the importance of residential features like gutters and roofs can help you keep your house safe from flood damage in the future. Here, you’ll learn about some of the things you need to do to protect your home. 

Make sure all of your systems are properly installed

Improperly installed gutters and roofing materials are, perhaps, the biggest reason residential water damage occurs. It is wise to have your home inspected by professionals at least once per year to make sure everything is in good condition. Even if you haven’t experienced any issues yet, you might be surprised by what an expert has to say!

In some cases, for instance, gutter systems are completely clogged and homeowners had no idea. This could cause a major issue next time a Carolina storm hits. When gutters are clogged, rainwater has nowhere to go, so it often dumps over the edges, ultimately seeping between siding and causing serious structural problems over time. Gutters should be inspected once or twice per year to avoid issues.

Roofing materials can also begin to fail with little to no warning. Sometimes, Carolina homeowners notice leaks or interior water spots that are indicative of problems, but in other cases, they know nothing until a professional informs them. Loose shingles, incorrectly installed flashing, and other issues can all lead to water or flood damage. 

Invest in flood insurance

Although flood insurance won’t prevent a flood from happening, it will give you some peace of mind if your family ever experiences this type of natural disaster. Knowing you won’t have to pay to replace all of your physical belongings is a relief in what would be a time of extreme stress. It’s important to note that standard homeowner’s insurance doesn’t cover floods. You will need to obtain a separate policy. 

Be aware of what could need work

Keep track of how long it has been since various components of your house were installed or updated. The more informed you are about the state of your home, the easier it will be for you to deduce when certain features might need to be replaced or repaired. If, for instance, it has been over twenty years since new asphalt shingles were put on, it is time to contact a roofing installer. Or, if it’s been over a year since you had a gutter inspection, you are way past due. 

Only work with reputable contractors

If you decide to have any work done to your home to improve its functionality and make it more watertight, make sure you do your research first. Hiring reputable contractors who have exceptional reviews is incredibly important. This will allow you to trust that the projects you’re paying for are being done right. 

At Hatch Homes, we pride ourselves on providing high-quality siding, roof, and gutter services. No matter what your house needs, we’re here to help you make sure your Carolina residence is in the best possible condition. We look forward to getting your next job on our calendar soon!

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