Lowest Price vs Best Value

When it comes to home renovation projects, we all know things can get very expensive very fast. If you’re considering hiring someone for a project in your home, you’re probably starting to quote prices with different contractors. The process of getting quotes can be stressful, confusing, and scary for first-time homeowners. Let’s talk about what the best value looks like in a contractor, and why a great value is more important than the lowest price.


What does the lowest price have to offer?

If a contractor is offering a price that seems too good to be true, it probably is. A contractor priced lower than every other competitor is priced so low for a reason. This reason may be low-quality materials, poor installation, rushed work, poor customer service, or worse. Look into reviews for a contractor like this, and they may not have any at all. Fly by night contractors with poor quality work and materials tend to have no real customer service team and little to no online reviews or references.

If a contractor pressures you into hiring them with sales tactics like saying the low price is a limited time offer, be sure not to fall for it. A crazy low price and pressure sales tactics are all red flag warnings. If you hire them, you’ll surely be hiring another contractor not too far down the road.


What does value include?

A contractor with a great value will include a competitive price, but not one that seems unreasonably low. Look for a company with a full-time customer service team that is equipped to handle any issues you may have. This allows your concerns to be handled and corrected, rather than just being blown off by a contractor who doesn’t care.

Good value includes excellent products by notable brands, positive reviews and references, and the confidence to offer a guarantee on their work. A good valued contractor is licensed and insured for the job and has the crew to complete the project on time.


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