Maintaining a Clean Siding Replacement Project

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Maintaining a clean and organized job site is a critically important (and often times overlooked) duty of a siding contractor. Daily cleaning of a property that is under construction will prevent the following from occurring:

  • Breakage of Material
  • Damage of Property
  • Project Completion Delays

Our siding replacement company takes pride in the cleanliness of our job sites. Everyday, our crew finishes the day with the following tasks:

1) Throw away all wasted/excess material and trash in the dumpster provided by Hatch Homes.
2) Break down all work stations including saw tables and siding brake moulds (used to bend color matched aluminum flashing).
3) Organize materials so that they are not scattered across the property.
4) Magnetically sweep the home to pickup excess nails and metal scraps. This will prevent a tire puncture or someone injuring themselves by stepping on a siding nail or metal scrap.
5) The work area will be left watertight at the end of each day to protect the building from normal weather conditions.

Many siding contractors lose sight to the understanding that the area under construction is YOUR home and not THEIR jobsite. Our siding technicians will take several steps throughout the project’s duration to protect your home and ensure that the project is completed on time.

Before you hire a siding contractor to replace your old house siding, we suggest that you take time to learn about how the contractor intends to deliver a clean and organized project. We also suggest asking for a list of projects that are in progress so that you can investigate for yourself.

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