Make Your Home More Functional With Interior Garage Doors

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Most homeowners are constantly looking for ways to make their houses more efficient and functional. There are a lot of ways to go about this, but one option you might not have considered is using garage doors inside your residence. This look works especially well in modern, industrial-style residences, which are popular in downtown areas of Charlotte, NC, and other metro regions.

As you read the remainder of this guide, you will discover how various garage door styles can be used in interior spaces. If you’re interested in trying this in your Carolina home, but you aren’t quite sure how to incorporate the doors, look online for inspiration. 

Rolling garage doors – Rolling garage doors are the most common type on the market. They are good for indoor use because they don’t need high walls and require no outside clearance in order to function properly. Rolling doors do, however, require large metal tracks that have an extremely industrial aesthetic, so they tend to be best suited to houses that have a loftlike look. 

Tilt-frame garage doors – A relatively high-end option, tilt-frame garage doors are newer to the market and will add a sleek look to any room. One thing to consider with this style, though, is that quite a bit of exterior clearance is needed in order for them to function. This means they tend to work best in open-concept houses with lots of extra space. 

Slide-up garage doors – Like tilt-frame garage doors, slide-up door styles are sleek and modern. They require fairly high ceilings, however, and are often best for leading to backyard or patio spaces. Slide-up garage doors are a great choice for historic houses that have tall ceilings and narrow footprints. 

Bi-fold garage doors – Bi-fold garage doors feature a center seam or split and fold in half, either straight up or to one side. They are good for spaces that have some exterior clearance and are the perfect alternative to French doors or conventional sliding doors. Homeowners who want more character than these conventional doors can provide are increasingly choosing bi-fold garage doors for interior use. 

Insulated glass garage doors – Depending on where you reside in North Carolina or South Carolina, you may experience chilly autumns and winters. This can put a damper on plans to purchase garage doors with glass panes, which can be highly energy inefficient. Insulated glass doors, however, will allow you to have lots of natural light without concerns about your utility bills skyrocketing. 

If you are thinking about having garage doors installed inside your home, make sure you comparison shop before making a purchase. The final price of your new door could vary greatly depending on several factors, such as whether you buy custom made or off-the-rack and what materials you select. Having a basis to go off of as you shop is smart. It’s also wise to speak to a local Carolina decorator if you are unsure about how to incorporate garage doors into your interior design scheme, but know you are interested in installing this particular residential feature. 

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