Melting Vinyl: Low-E windows

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What if I told you that the neighbors windows could melt your vinyl siding? This is not a nightmare. This is The Carolinas.

Low-E windows are an innovation in the home improvement industry. The upside to Low-E windows is that they keep your house cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Low-E windows capture the heat of the sun  (UV radiation) in the cool months and reflects radiation away from your home during the summer.

The problem with the radiation reflection is that it’s just like the old adage of a kid on the sidewalk burning ants with a magnifying glass. Low-E windows redirect a constant beam of direct radiation. When vinyl siding is exposed to this radiation it will be begin to melt, crack and discolor.

Across the country, neighbors are suing neighbors because one installed new windows that resulted in the melting if the others vinyl siding. Moral of the story – If every homeowner had Hardie Board Siding then the world would be a happier place.

Hardieplank is non-combustible, has a Class A Fire Rating and is immune to UV radiation. In other words, it will never Melt on your  home.

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