Modern Improvements to the New Exterior Replacement Industry

Renovating the Industry with Modern Technology and Communication

The construction and exterior replacement industries have long been neglectful to the homeowner and client while keeping the process opaque and challenging to navigate for folks without in-depth knowledge of the industry. From shady contractors to confusing quoting and project management practices, finding a solution for your home can be tough. Luckily, there have been some promising improvements in recent years that have made the industry much more approachable for homeowners of all kinds!

With new technology offerings that can improve every aspect of the process and forms of communication that can keep homeowners in the driver’s seat throughout the project, the industry has never been more approachable. Below, you’ll discover some of the many ways modern exterior replacement companies are revolutionizing the homeowner and client experience!

Digital, Digital, Digital!

One of the largest bottlenecks in the industry previously was the need for almost every aspect of the intake and estimate process to be completed physically. From initial consultations to measurements to further discussions about goals and requirements, each required an appointment and a meeting. This is no longer the case. From saving dozens of hours over the course of the project to greater convenience, this is one of the most significant upgrades to the industry that benefits everyone involved and saves a significant amount of money.

Additionally, the measurement process has become almost entirely digital as well. This saves the homeowner and builder significant sums since the accuracy and margin of error are greatly reduced when a contractor is not measuring by hand. Using apps like HOVER, folks can get measurements of the entire homes with just a set of pictures snapped right on their smartphones and sent to the company.

Modern Communication and Service

The customer service industry has set the standard of respect and communication. This was not the case for much of the construction and contracting industry, leaving homeowners rather powerless when it came to advocating for themselves. Luckily, with expectations changed and accountability measures in place, this is no longer the case.

For example, with modern nuances like Google reviews and greater systems of accountability, there is no room left for operations that treat their customer with disregard or disrespect. Additionally, new developments like online client portals and communication platforms have made it, so it is easy to get in touch with project managers and keep up with charges and invoices from the comfort of your computer.

To learn more about how the world of construction, contracting, and exterior renovation is changing with each passing day, contact Hatch homes to schedule a FREE initial consultation with one of our amazing project consultants. By treating our homeowners and clients with respect and kindness, we have changed the way our customers view the construction industry. Find out for yourself by checking out our YouTube Channel to hear from our amazing homeowners!

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