Mud Room Features 101

Throughout North Carolina and South Carolina, outdoor living is an important part of life for many families. Because the region enjoys temperate weather for much of the year, a high percentage of homeowners use their outdoor spaces for three full seasons annually. With outside activities, though, can come messes. Due to this, mudrooms are extremely popular among Carolina property owners.

If you’ve been thinking about adding a mudroom to your home, you probably found this guide in a bid to figure out what features you actually need. This can be daunting! Today, there are dozens of remodeling blogs and magazines that showcase ideas for mudrooms. Here, we’ve aggregated several things you should think about having installed in your new mudroom area.

    • Built-in storage – One of the main things most people want out of their mudrooms is extra storage space. There are a number of ways to go about this, so it’s important to consider what will work best for your family’s lifestyle. If, for instance, you have several young children in your household, you might want to have your contractor install a built-in coat rack with cubbies for each family member. This will help you stay organized, especially on busy weekday mornings!

You should also think about your family’s favorite activities as you plan your mudroom storage. Depending on where you live in the Carolinas, for instance, you might be avid skiers or surfers. Adding dedicated storage for skis, surfboards, and other similar items can be a lifesaver, particularly when the season ends and you have to find somewhere to put your gear for several months.

    • Somewhere to sit – Mudrooms often become the go-to place for every family member to remove dirty shoes and coats and stash rain gear. Because of this, it’s a good idea to have some kind of seating in your mudroom area. Many homeowners opt for wooden benches because they are easy to wipe down. It is generally best to avoid upholstery unless it is specifically designed for outdoor use.
    • Choose flooring wisely – Since mudrooms generally have to stand-up to a lot of wear and tear, it is smart to pick durable flooring. Vinyl planks are an excellent, affordable option that won’t become slick when they get wet. You might also want to consider cork flooring, which is absorbent and soft to stand on for extended periods of time.
    • Make a pet-safe space – If you have pets in your house, adding a pet care area to your new mudroom is an excellent idea. Many families, for example, have realized that installing pet showers and sinks makes their daily lives much easier. Furthermore, it saves on grooming bills because more pet baths can be given at home. If you don’t like your household pets sleeping in your main living area, you might also want to consider adding a comfortable bedding spot in your new mudroom.

If you are not sure you’re up to designing your new mudroom completely on your own, don’t fret! Carolina interior decorators often don’t charge as much as homeowners anticipate they will and some even offer hourly services. Online research can help you figure out which local designer is the best fit for your upcoming project.

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