North Carolina General Contractor’s Examination

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The state of North Carolina requires Contractors to secure a state sponsored license if they intend on providing construction services over the value of $30,000. North Carolina is one of the most lax states when it comes to contractor licensing. An#y individual can be in the contracting business overnight. No training, certification or legal steps are required. While this legislation is very friendly to new companies in the industry and overall economic growth, many homeowners find themselves in compromising positions due to loose laws around remodeling.

It is important for homeowners to hire contracting companies who have passed the examination sponsored by the General Contractors
Licensing Board of North Carolina because it ensures three things:

1) That their chosen renovation partner is legally compliant with the state of North Carolina, properly insured, and well-versed on the minimally required state and international building codes.

2) That a contractor has the bare minimum knowledge needed to manage an exterior remodeling project on behalf of a homeowner. The vast majority of the material covered during the Licensing Board’s exam is around construction best practices and construction requirements. This protects a homeowner from selecting a contractor who will cut corners that lead to premature project failure.

3) This examination can help separate amateur handymen from professional contracting companies. Contractors who have passed the General Contractors Licensing Board’s examination often take pride in their reputation and plan to be in business over the long term.

Before hiring a contractor for the replacement of your siding, roof, windows, doors, gutters and or shutters, take time to evaluate contractors on their legal standing with the local, state and federal government.

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