Online Remodeling Project Cost Calculators

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Many homeowners begin their home-improvement project by attempting to calculate the cost of their desired remodel. Several online resources offer ballpark pricing for various remodeling services. While the calculators are intended to help homeowners, these online calculators fail to capture the numerous variables needed to properly estimate out-of-pocket costs for a particular remodeling project.

Here are a few reasons why these calculators fall short of providing accurate estimates:

1) Repair jobs are lumped in with full replacement jobs. This artificially decreases the average price for a complete exterior replacement remodeling project.

2) Many of these calculators only include the project type, not the material type. For example, instead of being a Hardie Plank siding cost calculator, it is a siding cost calculator. These tools fail to accurately forecast project cost because it does not take into account the significant price difference between the materials being used on the project.

3) No house is the same and very few are traditional box-like structures. Gables, dormers, bay windows, and architectural nuances are not accounted for within online calculators. Homes require detailed considerations to properly forecast project cost.

The only accurate method to estimate a remodeling project’s cost is to invite a contractor to your home for an inspection, consultation and estimate. These can be time-consuming and frustrating for homeowners. Hatch Homes is the only contractor in North Carolina and South Carolina that offers virtual project consultations. Meet with us when it is convenient for you. Our company offers appointments from 6 AM to 10 PM. Hatch’s company goal is to make home-improvement easy. Call us today to schedule a stress free exterior remodeling consultation for your upcoming siding, roofing or window project.

More than just a contractor.

Hatch is your partner for exterior remodeling.