Mastic Siding Makeover In Charlotte, NC

"Mastic Siding Makeover In Charlotte, NC"


Charlotte, NC

The Issue

Old masonite siding

Boost curb appeal

No maintenance

Return on investment

Brighten the exterior of the home

Services Requested

Replacement Siding

Home's Original Materials

  • Masonite siding
  • Wood soffit/ wood fascia

New Products Used

  • Masonite siding
  • Wood soffit/ wood fascia
  • New Products Used
  • Siding: Mastic- Quest- Tuff Skin Olive
  • Siding: Mastic- Cedar discovery shingle-Lakeshore Fern
  • Trim: Mastic-Vinyl-Harris Cream
  • Inside and outside corner: Mastic-Vinyl-Harris Cream
  • Window trim: Mastic and Aluminum-1×4 wood wrapped -Harris Cream
  • Soffit: Mastic- Bentura-Vinyl
  • Fascia: Aluminum wrapped- Harris cream
  • Chimney: Canyon stone
  • Porch ceiling: Mastic- Bentura- Vinyl
  • Porch beams: Aluminum wrapped- Harris Cream
  • Exterior painting to match

Before & After click & drag

Before After Clt house before imageJames Hardie Makeover in Charlotte, NC

Project Description

The homeowner reached out to our team about James Hardie siding. They were tired of the painting maintenance. Initially, the homeowner was interested in James Hardie siding because the neighbors in her area had James Hardie siding installed. However, the homeowner’s long-term plan was to live in the house for another five years and then sell the property. Given these goals, vinyl was a better choice for the exterior of her home. Given her home’s value, vinyl would yield a higher return on investment. Once we decided on vinyl siding, the homeowner had a few color schemes in mind. Her initial thinking was to do horizontal lap siding around the home. She felt her exterior did not have many accent opportunities, after using the Hatch Home visualizer. We were able to show the homeowner that she could have accent pieces throughout the home by using different styles of vinyl siding. We included the use of multiple colors, shingle siding, band boards and even created a stone chimney. The integration of numerous siding types, colors and materials lead to a dramatic before and after transformation on this Charlotte, NC home.

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