New Mastic Ovation Vinyl Siding on Concord, NC Home

"New Mastic Ovation Vinyl Siding on Concord, NC Home"


Concord, NC

The Issue

Older Vinyl Siding

Services Requested

New Vinyl Siding, Fascia, Soffits & Trim, New House Wrap

Home's Original Materials

  • Vinyl Siding

New Products Used

  • Mastic Ovation Lap Vinyl Siding in Silver Grey
  • Vinyl Attic Vents 
  • Aluminum Trim for Garage
  • House Wrap

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Before After

Project Description

These homeowners wanted a fresh take on their tired vinyl. Their current siding was weather-beaten and had begun to warp and separate.

We installed new house wrap on their home, then installed Mastic Ovation horizontal lap vinyl in a pretty Silver Grey color with a 5″ exposure. We also installed new vinyl attic vents and aluminum trim around the garage doors.

The result is a fresh, bright new exterior that maintains the original charm of the home.

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