Pressured to Purchase

Have you ever found yourself talking to a car salesman, a jewelry salesman, or another salesperson who just comes across too pushy to make you buy? Most people have, but nobody enjoys being the customer in that situation. Being pressured to make a purchase can leave you feeling unsure about your decision and filled with unanswered questions. When it comes to home improvement and finding a contractor for the job, many people find themselves in the same sales situation.


Feeling pressured, rushed, or confused should never happen when speaking with a professional, but unfortunately it does. Sales tactics involving a limited time offer or a sale that only applies if you purchase right away are usually scams, so we like to avoid them at Hatch Homes. Hatch Homes is a company based around great customer service, and that means no pressured sales. Pressured sales are an outdated an ineffective tactic, so why continue to push that on people? Many contracting companies go into a consultation determined not to leave until they’ve gotten a signature and made a sale, but the decisions you make about your home renovations should never be rushed. Home improvements are costly, time-consuming, and stressful enough – being rushed to make a buying decision only makes all of those factors worse. When making a home renovation purchase, you should understand all aspects of the job and any unexpected expenses that may come up. Rushed and pressured sales tactics are an easy way for contractors to get you to agree to the job, and add on extra expenses later


With Hatch Homes, you have the ability to call the shots. Whether you’re just beginning to look into home renovations and want to browse the website or schedule a consultation; we’re committed to pressure-free sales. All of our consultants and customer service staff are trained in sales and communication designed to make the customer feel comfortable and never pressured. Our transparent pricing and pressure free sales will make you feel comfortable with the decisions you’re making when it comes to investing in your home. We’re here to help, not to pressure you.

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