Prices Of New Siding In 2018

New siding for your home is a great way to add significant curb appeal and protect your home from the outdoor elements, but how much does new siding cost? Depending on the material you choose like wood composite or vinyl, the material cost and installation can start at $6,000 and increases the price much higher depending on the scope of the project. For more expensive materials such as wood, fiber cement siding, and stucco you can expect to pay anywhere from 12,000 and up depending on the scope of the project.  We’re going to break down what makes up that cost, and how you can keep your new siding within your budget.


Repair or Replace?
Before jumping into the cost for a full siding replacement, be sure you need a complete replacement. If you’re considering updating because the siding isn’t the style that you want and a simple paint job can’t fix that, then a full replacement is your best bet. If only a portion of the siding is worn down or rotted, get a quote for a repair just on that area. If there are other small, cosmetic issues, consider repainting rather than replacing. It all depends on what’s wrong with the siding you have now when it comes down to determining if you should repair or replace.


Types of Siding
The type of siding being put onto your home impacts the cost. One of the most affordable options is vinyl siding. Vinyl siding is easy to install, easy to maintain, and overall a very affordable option.
Another great siding option that Hatch Homes carries is James Hardie Fiber Cement Siding. Fiber cement siding price varies depending on the zip code in which you live. Fiber cement siding is a newer trend, and it’s very durable over time. The initial cost may be more than vinyl, but it’s durability over time, and ability to take on any paint color are some big perks to consider.
The final factor to consider with the cost of new siding is the cost of installation. This can vary based on the size of your home, types of material used, and the tear down of old materials. Vinyl siding can be fitted over existing siding a lot of the time, which creates a fast and easy installation process.
The cost of James Hardie siding is a significant price initially to install and finding an experienced contractor can be difficult, but that’s where Hatch Homes comes into play.  


Regardless of what your budget is or the zip code in which you live, Hatch Homes is here to help find the best value for your money in materials and colors that you will love.

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