Pro-Rated Vinyl Warranties vs Hardie’s Warranty

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On face value, vinyl siding warranties may appear to be superior when compared to the Hardieplank siding warranty. This is because most vinyl warranties offer 50 years of coverage that is often marketed as a ‘lifetime warranty’. Hardie Board Siding’s warranty is 30 years.

Sometimes less is more

The major difference between Hardieplank’s siding warranty and the various vinyl siding warranties is that vinyl siding warranties are prorated wow how many points for three offers 100% coverage throughout the warranties duration.

On average, vinyl warranties depreciate by 2.22% each year until the warranty is worth nothing. On the other hand, Hardieplank’s warranty will always cover 100% of the siding replacement expenses from day one until day 10,950.

Here is another thing to consider. Vinyl siding warranties do not cover “normal weathering”. We say again, vinyl siding warranties do not cover “Normal Weather”. Other than normal weathering, what else would your siding be exposed to?

The below features are all advantages to the Hardie Board siding warranty that you will not receive from a vinyl siding manufacturer.

1) Transferable to the next homeowner.
2) Covers both parts and labor.
3) The paint finish is included in the warranty
4) Hail damage coverage

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