Product Spotlight: HardieTrim

Trim does more than provide a complement to your siding. It is also critically important to the performance of your home’s exterior. HardieTrim leads all other trim products for three reasons:

  1. Aesthetics

Face nails are ugly. They are pronounced impressions that are an eyesore. HardieTrim can be installed using blind nail application methods. When using HardieTrim’s concealed fastening system, face nails are cut down by over 95%. HardieTrim also comes in 10 colors. Unlike PVC (vinyl) and composite materials, HardieTrim can be repainted any color.

  1. Dimensional Stability

PVC (vinyl), wood, and other composite materials constantly expand and contract due to temperature swings. These materials need to be face nailed. After you drive a nail through these trims, they will eventually expand due to high temperatures. Every face nail is now an intrusion point for water to penetrate the trim, siding, and the rest of a home’s exterior. This will cause premature product failure.

  1. Low-Maintenance

HardieTrim comes with a 30 year product warranty and a 15 year paint warranty. Using a complete Hardie exterior provides uniform maintenance cycles and the highest return on investment of any exterior siding material.

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