Property Protection for Siding Replacement Projects

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When you hire a siding replacement or remodeling contractor, it is important for that installation company to remember that they are working on YOUR home, not THEIR job site. Replacing old house siding and windows with new materials is a major construction undertaking. Because of this, it is important than any siding contractor takes time to properly protect a homeowner’s property.

Below is a sample of the Property Protection Measures that our company will implement throughout your remodeling project.

1. Hatch will provide a container for the disposal of all construction debris. We will need to locate a suitable place to position the container.

2. Our team may require the full use of your driveway at times during your remodeling project. We also request access to an external electrical power source.

3. We will make every attempt to protect all shrubbery, plants, decks, patios, and landscaping during your remodeling project. Due to the large amount of debris removed, occasionally damage may occur. If there is a plant or item that is particularly important to you, please inform management prior to project start.

4. Prior to the project start date, we highly recommend that you remove and secure all fragile or irreplaceable items on walls and ceilings. They may be disturbed or damaged during the project. Hatch Homes cannot be held responsible for damage to said items.

5. Hatch Homes will make every effort to preserve gutters, downspouts, awnings and trim during the project. However, some marring or minor damage may occur.

6. We will lay down tarps during tear-off and under work stations to dramatically lessen the amount of debris on your lawn.

7. If we are removing solar panels or power vents, homeowner must have all interior electrical connections and venting disconnected prior to our arrival.

8. We will remove and reinstall antennae, cables, satellite dishes, and any other electronic devices as necessary to accommodate continuation of the scope of work contracted. Hatch Homes cannot be held responsible for operating condition or damage to said items after replacement. Television or satellite reception, cabling, wiring and hardware are the responsibility of the homeowner.

9. Hatch Homes cannot be held responsible for nail pops in sheetrock due to normal application that is noticed in your home during or after job completion.

10. We will take the necessary precautions to prevent punctures to electrical lines, plumbing lines, or A/C supply lines. In the event of a puncture to any of these items due to misplacement upon original installation, the homeowner will be responsible for repair cost.

11. Hatch follows all EPA required guidelines. We take all required and necessary safety measures to protect you and your property from exposure to lead dust. Some airborne dust or paint chips may be present during the project. Closing all windows & doors and staying away from the project during tear off will significantly reduce any possible exposure.

More than just a contractor.

Hatch is your partner for exterior remodeling.