Pros & Cons Of Vinyl Siding

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If you have found yourself in the market for new siding but don’t know where to begin, go ahead and take a peek out of your front door. If you look around your neighborhood, you will most likely see a variety of siding from wood to vinyl and maybe some old masonite siding. Odds are you’ve already noticed what products your neighbors have been replacing their existing siding with. In some neighborhoods, you may even see only one type of siding present like vinyl for instance. So as a homeowner you may be asking yourself what the pros and cons are of vinyl siding and why it is so common? Let’s go ahead and take a look at a few of the advantages of vinyl siding.

Pros of vinyl:
Vinyl siding is one of the more common sidings that you will see. So what is vinyl siding exactly? It is a product constructed from PVC plastic resin, and this is what makes it extremely strong. The great thing about vinyl siding is the fact that it’s low maintenance and paint free. Due to the siding being paint free and minimal maintenance this will save you not only time, but it will also look great years down the road. Vinyl siding also comes in a wide variety of styles, designs, and colors. You are sure to find the color of your dreams since this plastic resin can be colored an array of many shades. Throughout the years, you may have noticed that vinyl can now imitate the look of wood or even the look of cedar shakes which gives homeowners the look and style without the maintnance of real wood. Although vinyl siding is made out of plastic, the great thing about it is that the yearly maintenance requires a little bit of soap and the use of a garden hose or power washer to keep it looking fresh and new and remove dirt. Just like any siding product, however, this is not a no maintenance siding this one will require a little bit of maintenance from cleaning it and occasionally replacing a few panels. Now on the opposite side, let’s go ahead and look at a few of the disadvantages of vinyl siding.
Cons of vinyl:
Most likely a neighbor of yours has had vinyl installed, and you have heard or noticed that is not 100% invincible. The fact vinyl is not the most durable is one of the drawbacks of this specific style of siding. The vinyl siding over time can get chewed up or cracked from regular lawn maintenance, a severe storm, or even the neighbor boy who likes to practice his homerun hits that end up in your yard. A more recent problem occurring with vinyl is the neighbors who recently replaced their windows with a low e style which is more energy efficient. While they are benefiting from a more energy efficient home, you as the neighbor may start to notice that your siding is beginning to sag. Since low e windows reflect the sunlight instead of absorbing the direct light, it can cause your vinyl siding to start to melt from the heat. Lastly, vinyl siding is the most common type used between new homes or apartment complexes, so if you’re looking for a way to make your curb appeal stands out this may not be the product for you.

Now that we have examined both the advantages and disadvantages of vinyl siding, I hope the decision is clear to you, as the homeowner. We at the office of Hatch Homes would love to install your new siding for you, no matter the choice you make 🙂

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