Questions to Ask a Contractor Before You Sign the Contract

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When choosing a contractor to install your roofing and siding correctly, it’s imperative to know precisely what they’re going to be doing to your home’s structure. While searching around for a trustworthy expert, you’re probably going to narrow down your options based on estimates, whether or not they use quality materials, and any references and referrals available.
You certainly wouldn’t choose an inexperienced roofing or siding contractor, so why want one who can’t provide you that kind of useful, essential information? It will help distinguish them from any other contractor that you might have doubts about.
That’s why it’s important to know what questions to ask them during your search for an experienced, knowledgeable pro. But knowing the right questions to ask may prove difficult if you’re not familiar with the process. So here are some critical questions to ask a roofing/siding contractor before you sign the contract:
1. Are you licensed and how much experience does your crew have?
Okay, so this is two questions in one, but both ought to go hand in hand. The contractor may have been in business a while, but the crew is going to be doing the work. The contractor should also be licensed by the North Carolina Licensing Board, and you should ask to see it.
2. Do you provide liability and worker’s compensation insurance?
Not all contractors are required to provide these, but just know that liability insurance will protect any accidental damage done to your property. And if the contractor doesn’t provide worker’s comp insurance, any on-site injury could lead to a worker coming after the homeowner for medical bills, lost wages, and damages.
3. Are you bonded and do you offer a warranty?
If the contractor fails to start the job, complete the task, obtain a permit, or pay their workers, a surety bond will protect you once you’ve already given them a deposit. Be sure to know which brands of materials will be used. Many materials for roofing and siding have warranties, but if anything goes wrong with the installation, a warranty from the contractor covering the labor will protect you.
4. Will you use sub-contractors for the job?
Consider this a warning sign if they say yes. While it’s not abnormal for contractors to hire sub-contractors for a job, you spent all that time searching for the right one to work on your home. And it may be difficult to get all the information about experience, insurance, and bonding that you need about a sub-contractor before the job begins.
5. How is payment handled?
It’s often appropriate to have to pay a deposit to cover materials and supplies unless you’re supplying the materials. Then you shouldn’t have to pay anything up front. Be wary of any contractor that asks for payment in full in advance. You should only agree to payment once the job is completed and inspected by you.
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