Questions To Ask The Contractor

Picture this; you are in the market to replace your exterior siding. You’ve asked neighbors and co-workers who they would recommend for the job. Many will suggest a popular name that they have heard on tv or the radio. Other may mention their husband’s cousin who did their siding for a little cost or even free. This specific scenario happens too often in the construction industry where the job turns out mediocre, and you are out all that money. While the suggestions may sound great, it is essential to do your own research before signing a contract. Despite your own research it is still important to ask these following questions before hiring a contractor.

1. How old is the company?
Age may be but a number, but in the construction industry the longer a company has been in business, the better. Once a company has been around for so many years they start to build a reputation. Look for reviews and testimonials from previous work they have completed around the area.

2. Are you a licensed contractor?
It is easy to assume that is one has their own construction company that the followed the rules, and they are appropriately licensed. While many companies are adequately licensed many others go unnoticed and practice unlicensed. Do not be afraid to ask this question and see what certifications the company has received.

3. Does your company have insurance for the crew and the employees of the company?
While safety is a top priority in the construction industry, accidents do still happen. Be sure that the contractor is fully insured and able to cover any mishaps or injuries that occur while working on your project. General liability insurance is to protect your home from damage or negligence from the contractor, the employees and any sub-contractors brought onto your project site. Do not take the contractors word; it is okay to ask them to provide a copy of their insurance.

4. Will sub-contractors be hired for the job?
It is common that most companies hire others to do the work for them. It is essential to know who the production manager is who will oversee the project and to be a resource to you during your project.

5. What is the timeline for the completion of the project?
Most companies are familiar with the amount of time it typically takes for each project. Of course, timelines can vary project to project due to many uncontrollable factors like weather, illness, or un unforeseen delays.

6. What is the schedule for payment?
Do not trust a company that asks you to pay for the project upfront. It is best to pay a small down payment in the beginning and pay as the project progresses. At Hatch Homes, we do not ask for the final payment until you are 100% satisfied with the work we have completed.

7. Will building permits be taken care of prior to the project?
Contractor companies are aware of what permits they need to obtain before the project can begin. It never hurts to ask this question though.

8. What is your installation warranty?
While the product come with a warranty on the material, the product is only as good as the installation of it. Be sure to ask in advance what the contractor’s warranty is or if they even offer one to be proactive in case anything was to happen after the installation has been completed. Always be sure to register your warranty on the products with the manufacturer and keep a record of this for yourself.

Never be afraid or intimidated to ask these questions before signing your name on the dotted line. If you are ready to move forward and receive an estimate for your home project, contact Hatch Homes today!

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