Questions To Ask Yourself Before Tackling A DIY Project

As a homeowner, it is tough to decide whether one should handle their renovation project or to hire someone instead. In fact, tackling a DIY project can even save homeowners a significant amount of money. The abundance of home improvement shows on tv now days have homeowners feeling like a professional after a few episodes. Not only will this save a homeowner money, but give them a certain amount of gratification. While all this may be true, a few remodeling projects should be left to the professionals. It seems that remodeling shows have made such trades as plumbing, carpentry, home additions and more seem so simple. Let us not confuse the schooling and certifications one must obtain before becoming skilled in a specific trade. Before deciding on whether to hire a contractor or handle it on one’s own as yourself these following seven question.
1) How much time are you willing to give up to complete the task correctly? Many experienced installation crews can install new siding in a minimum of 4-5 days. A crew can finish a project in this amount of time due to having the right amount of project on site and many well-trained hands to help every day. Time is a significant factor when considering a DIY project, so how much of your free time & weekends are you willing to put towards your remodeling project?
2) What are the risks that could be involved? A construction project requires the use of many power tools, ladders, and more which can raise the risk of an injury if not handled properly.
3) How much money are you going to save? Companies can order product at their cost, which ends up saving homeowners more money in the long run.
4) Do you have the skills or experience needed? Contractors and installers are experts in their trade whether it is because they attended a school for construction or due to repeatedly performing the specific skills needed on a day to day basis to gain consistency in each task.
5) What permits will you need to acquire from the city for your project? It is essential to perform research with the city office before starting a remodel. You may be surprised by the types of rules and regulations you must abide by depending on your specific project. Obtaining a permit can also be time-consuming and cut into your overall project goal deadline.
6) Have you done the proper research on how to install the material itself? Most manufacturers have specific installation guidelines on their websites, or you can ask to have a packet mailed out to you. It is essential to carefully read through them before installing a specific product on your home. If the guidelines are not followed correctly, the warranty is at a risk of being voided by the manufacturer.
7) Will you be able to do this on your own or will you need the help of others? The idea of completing a project on your own is so rewarding but may also require you to ask a family member or some friends to set aside their free time to help you out. While your project is important to you, the people helping you may end valuing their free time more as the weeks pass.


If you answered yes, to the following questions go ahead and begin your DIY project. If you are hesitant in answering a few of the questions above, feel free to contact your local contractor to discuss your upcoming project and goals.

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