Reasons James Hardie Siding Requires Very Little Maintenance

Reasons James Hardie Siding Requires Very Little Maintenance

The James Hardie Company has become a major player in the siding industry. Their fiber cement siding boards offer a wide array of benefits that homeowners in the Carolinas and around the country are finding hard to resist. With every passing year, in fact, fiber cement cladding gains popularity. One of the big reasons an increasing number of homeowners are opting for fiber cement siding is that it is incredibly low maintenance. The material itself is durable and long-lasting, which is appealing to those who don’t want to spend a lot of time on outdoor chores, like sealing wood siding, for instance. 

In this guide, we take a look at some of the key reasons James Hardie brand siding requires very little upkeep.


It isn’t impacted by weather. 

Fiber cement siding isn’t impacted by weather conditions – it will hold strong through very damaging winds and rains, in fact. This is particularly good news for those who live on the Carolina coasts, which can experience hurricanes. In fact, the material is rated to withstand hurricane-force winds. 


It is fire-resistant. 

No matter where you live in the United States – even if your area isn’t prone to forest fires – the threat of a conventional house fire is a constant threat. Every year, more Americans die in fires than in every other type of natural disaster combined, per the American Red Cross. 

Therefore, choosing fire-resistant materials for home remodeling projects ought to be a priority for all homeowners, even in North Carolina and South Carolins. Fiber cement siding offers an incredible amount of flame retardance. 

In fact, it has a Class A rating and will resist catching on fire for several hours after a blaze begins. This gives first responders time to arrive, even in rural areas. 


It doesn’t allow pests inside.

In Southeastern states like the Carolinas, pests tend to abound. From termites to woodpeckers to bees to ants, there’s no shortage of insects and vermin that can get inside of homes. Fiber cement siding resists all manner of pests, keeping your residence free from damage. 


It isn’t at risk for water damage. 

Again, certain regions of North Carolina and South Carolina are hurricane-prone, while others get heavy storms, particularly during the spring months. One major benefit of fiber cement siding is that it does not sustain water damage. 

This is an especially welcome change for homeowners who have wood siding for years – wooden boards have to be treated on a regular basis in order to avoid woot rot and other similar water-related issues.


It doesn’t fade.

Due to the James Hardie Company’s proprietary ColorPlus technology, fiber cement siding does not fade like other siding materials, including popular vinyl. As a matter of fact, fiber cement remains colorfast for decades, meaning your home’s curb appeal won’t falter for years to come. 

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