Reasons to Be Cautious About “Storm Chaser” Contractors

“Storm Chasers” are contractors who, quite literally, chase storms. When they hear about severe weather, they go to those areas and begin going door-to-door trying to convince homeowners to allow them to repair the damage to their roofs and siding. While this might seem convenient in the wake of a storm, there are actually numerous reasons to be cautious about these kinds of contractors. As you continue reading this article, you will see several key things to be aware of when weather damage impacts your property.

They might not stick around.

Storm chasers are not like local roofing contractors who have physical offices and good reputations to maintain. Instead, because they don’t typically work in your area, there is a high risk of them simply disappearing with no recourse. Even if you have a contract, if you can’t get in touch with your contractor after he or she skips town, there’s very little you can do to recoup the money you’ve already spent or to get your job finished if it was left incomplete. It’s also important to note that the workmanship may be less than desired, which will ultimately require more expense on your part. Hiring a reputable professional to fix the problems caused by the storm chaser could ultimately cost more than just letting him or her do the job in the first place.

They might not have the right licenses and insurance.

Because storm chasers aren’t necessarily the most reliable contractors, you can’t always trust them to carry the business licenses and insurance policies they should. This may not always impact you, but could lead to serious issues should an incident occur. If, for example, a worker falls off of your roof and the contracting company doesn’t carry liability insurance, you could be on the hook for his or her medical bills. A reputable local contractor would not put you in this set of circumstances.

They probably won’t be aware of municipal building codes.

Throughout America, different cities have different building codes and regulations. Municipalities in North Carolina and South Carolina are no exception. The contractors who work in your area all the time are sure to know these codes and adhere to them every time they do a project. Storm chasers, on the other hand, are not likely to know or care about the codes that are in-place where you live. This could lead to a variety of problems down the road. If, for instance, the contractor you hire is replacing deck and stair railings and doesn’t know the height requirements in your town, you could be the one paying fines later.

Now that you know the risks that are associated with hiring a transient contractor, hopefully, you’ve decided to work with a company who knows and loves your region instead. The Hatch Homes team fits the bill perfectly. Our experienced technicians have been impressing families in North Carolina and South Carolina for years and look forward to working with you as well. Next time a storm of any kind damages your home, give us a call for a quick and accurate quote.

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