Reasons to Choose a Brown Home Exterior

Choosing the perfect shade to paint your house can be a difficult task, particularly if you’ve never redone an exterior in the past. In this series, we’ll be taking a look at reasons to select various colors for the exterior of your home as you prepare for your upcoming renovation project. Hopefully, one of the articles will speak to you and make it easier for you to select the ideal hue to fit your vision. In this guide, you’ll discover some reasons to choose brown.

You live in the woods

For our clients who live in rugged, mountainous regions of North Carolina, dark brown that mimics the look of raw timber is a great choice because it helps homes blend into the surrounding woods. This provides a cohesive, rustic look that most homeowners in this region are fond of. In some cases, people even choose actually to use raw wood and logs to construct their homes; cabins are a prime example of this.

You want to use earthy accent shades

Sometimes, homeowners find themselves drawn to a specific accent color before they decide on the primary hues for their houses. If you’ve become enamored of, say, forest green or deep red, pairing it with brown siding is sure to be a winning combination. Since brown is a color often found in nature, exterior design plans that involve other earthy shades lend themselves to choosing brown as a backdrop.

Your homeowner’s association has regulations

If you reside in a suburban enclave, like those surrounding Winston-Salem and Charlotte, the odds are good that you have to abide by certain exterior decorating rules set forth by your homeowner’s association. You may, for instance, only be allowed to use specific color combinations in your neighborhood. In all likelihood, Brown is among the accepted shades. Many suburbanites choose lighter browns, in the tan family, mixed with darker chocolate shades as accents.

You want to make something blend into the shadows

Very dark brown hues tend to look black, diminishing the appearance of certain architectural features. Using this tactic doesn’t necessarily mean homeowners don’t like those features, but they want them to be less obvious for some reason or another. If, for instance, you have a modern home that features clean lines, you might want to draw attention to an accent wall on the first story by painting the roof and upper level a dark shade.

You want to use natural materials

If you aren’t interested in using vinyl siding or shingles to cover your home, brown is a great primary color option. This will allow you to use either brick or stone to construct your house. Talk to your contractor about whether full materials or veneers are the best choices for your property.

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