Reasons to Choose a Grey Home Exterior

Choosing the perfect shade to paint your house can be a difficult task, particularly if you’ve never redone an exterior in the past. In this series, we’ll be taking a look at reasons to select various colors for the exterior of your home as you prepare for your upcoming renovation project. Hopefully, one of the articles will speak to you and make it easier for you to select the ideal hue to fit your vision. In this guide, you’ll discover some reasons to choose grey.

You want to minimize the size of a large house

If you live in a sprawling house, particularly in a rural area of North Carolina or South Carolina, you might find that your home looks out-of-place in the natural landscape. A warm grey tone can soften the exterior of your residence, helping it look less rambling and more comfortably entangled in the surrounding grasses, trees, and water features.

You want to make your home stand out amid the landscape

If, on the other hand, you are hoping to minimize the appearance of the surrounding landscape and make your home stand out, a bright grey color with white undertones is sure to do the trick. This shade looks ideal mixed with either stark white accents or deeper grey ones and is perfect for coastal homes, such as those located on North Carolina’s Outer Banks.

You want a subtle version of another color

One of the best things about light grey, in particular, is that it is easy to tint without having an overpowering end result. Maybe, for example, you’ve been dreaming of a pale green or pale blue shade, but no in-store paint chips have been quite right for you. Adding a color you like, but that is just a bit too bright, to a light grey is likely to give you the perfect exterior hue for your home.

You want a unique wood look

If you reside in a contemporary or mid-century modern style residence that has wood siding or paneling outside, a semi-transparent grey stain can give your home a completely unique look. This aesthetic works in a variety of settings, from beachfront cabins to older homes nestled in woodland areas. Grey washed wood is relatively low maintenance; you should only need to apply a new coat of stain every few years, if not even less frequently.

You want a bright front door

Boldly colored entry doors pair well with a number of grey hues. Whether you are thinking about an orange door, a punchy red door, a royal blue door, or something else altogether, there’s sure to be a grey that looks great with it. If you struggle to match colors, don’t hesitate to book a color consultation with a design expert.

You live in a stone or brick house

If your house is constructed of stone or brick and you aren’t keen to alter its original color, you should consider using a grey shade on all of your trim and architectural accents. Grey will pull undertones from most stone and brick styles, adding an aesthetically pleasing touch to your house.

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