Reasons to Choose a Red Home Exterior

Choosing the perfect shade to paint your house can be a difficult task, mainly if you’ve never redone an exterior in the past. In this series, we’ll be taking a look at reasons to select various colors for the exterior of your home as you prepare for your upcoming renovation project. Hopefully, one of the articles will speak to you and make it easier for you to select the ideal hue to fit your vision. In this guide, you’ll discover some reasons to choose red.

You’re a Frank Lloyd Wright fan

Some homeowners adore Frank Lloyd Wright and do whatever they can to emulate his famous prairie style in their own homes. Wright had a favorite shade of red, known as Cherokee Red, that he used extensively in his original designs. Selecting a red hue close to this for your own home can go a long way toward helping you achieve the Frank Lloyd Wright-eque style you’re going for.

Your home is a converted barn

As both farmhouse style and industrial style have become increasingly popular, more and more homeowners have set their sights on converting historic barns into impressive living spaces. Whether your barn-turned-home has more of a steampunk look or more of a country look, you can’t go wrong with a red exterior. If you’re an industrial lover, consider a rusty hue that is tinged with plenty of black or grey. If, on the other hand, your house has a cheerful country aesthetic, a bright, conventional barn red is sure to be right up your alley.

Your home is covered with wood shakes

Wood shakes, rather than siding, are actually a fairly common house covering in mountainous, rural areas, such as those found throughout the eastern portion of North Carolina. Reddish hues look great on wood shakes and are particularly appealing in areas that have beautiful fall leaf colors. Pairing red with dark grey trim is a great way to draw the eye.

You desire a lived-in look

Muted red shades have a homey, lived-in appearance that will make even the newest home look comfortable and settled. If you choose to go this route during your exterior remodel, consider selecting a creamy shade for your trim, rather than bright white. This will lend itself to the aesthetic you desire, whereas bright white is likely to be too stark.

You want your house to stand out

Red is the perfect exterior color choice for homeowners who want their houses to stand out from the crowd. Whether you live in a suburban neighborhood where red is the brightest shade allowed by your homeowners’ association or a historic district where red will allow you to maintain your home’s authenticity without it looking dull, any shade you select is sure to be a showstopper.

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