Reasons to Choose Casement Windows For Your Home

If you’re thinking about investing in replacement windows for your home, you may have started looking into the various styles that are on the market today. If it’s been a while since you purchased windows, or if you’ve never replaced the windows in your house since your move-in day, you might be surprised by all of the different models and brands you can choose from. 

Here, you’ll discover some of the many benefits of choosing to have casement windows installed in your Carolina home. As you’ll find below, there are very few downsides to casement windows, which makes them a great choice for nearly all homeowners. It is, of course, important to talk to your window installer before you commit to a particular window model. He or she may have suggestions about what will work best in your window openings. This is particularly true for historic houses. 

Simple opening and closing

Certain types of windows can be challenging to open and close. This is problematic in certain situations, such as for those who have mobility or joint issues. Casement windows, however, have simple opening and closing mechanisms. They are available with both single-levers and tandem latch and crank devices. Some casement windows can also be retrofitted with automatic openers for ease of use. 

The best ventilation

Casement windows offer better ventilation than any other type of window. This is because they can open all the way, allowing 100% of possible airflow to enter your home. Double-hung windows, another popular style among modern American homeowners, can only open halfway, effectively cutting airflow in half. 

Numerous design styles

Casement windows are available in a number of design styles, making them ideal for all types of residential architecture. Whether your Carolina residence is a brand new build or an antebellum structure, you are sure to be able to find casement windows that suit your home’s style perfectly. In some cases, homeowners do have to order custom-sized casement windows, especially if they live in old houses that don’t have standard-sized window openings. 

Top-notch security

Security concerns are among the main reasons homeowners eschew casement windows. Carolinians who have small children, for instance, often find themselves worried that their little ones could fall out of a completely open window. Fortunately, casement window manufacturers have thought of this and the vast majority of styles have built-in security features, such as locking handles and hooks that are actually embedded in the window frame. 

You’ll see more scenery

Many people move to the Carolinas for the beautiful views (or stay for them if they’re locals who have thought about moving away!) Because casement windows don’t have a sash through the middle of the windowpane, they provide better views of the outdoors. If you love the property on which you live, this is a major perk. Casement windows are even available in large, panoramic sizes. 

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