Reasons to Consider Winter Renovations

If you’ve been thinking about having some exterior remodeling projects done on your property, but you’ve been putting them off for one reason or another, this winter might be the perfect time for you to get them finished finally. You might be thinking that this sounds crazy, but wintertime is actually an excellent time of year to work with contractors on outdoor projects.

Furthermore, for many of the homeowners in our service area throughout Virginia and the Carolinas, the winter months are still temperate enough that being outside isn’t dangerous for contracting crews. If you do happen to live in a very cold section of the southeast, such as the mountains of North Carolina, you will have to plan around the weather; it can certainly be done. As you read on, you will find out about some of the biggest benefits that come with doing winter renovations.

  1. There are more savings available – Because homeowners, on the whole, do fewer projects during colder seasons, contractors and their suppliers tend to offer their lowest rates of the year in the wintertime. This is a great way to save money. Reputable contractors often pass their savings along to their clients, so if they are getting materials more cheaply than they would any other time of year, your final bill will probably be significantly less expensive as well.
  2. Your project will get completed faster – In the spring and summer, specifically, contractors are often booked for weeks and weeks in advance. This means that it is unlikely your project will be done as soon as you had hoped it would be. By hiring a contractor in the winter, though, you can expect him or her to have availability almost immediately. This is great news for any homeowners who are excited to make big changes to their houses!
  3. Scheduling will be quick and easy – This goes hand in hand with the previous perk. Since even the most reputable contractors tend to have fairly open availability in the winter, you can expect that you’ll be able to pick a start date that works well for you and your family. This is especially convenient if you have trips or other commitments that are already on your calendar.
  4. You won’t have to wait for approval – Depending on where in the Carolinas or Virginia you live, you may have to obtain one or more building permits before your contracting crew can get started on your job. During the busiest times of the year, it can sometimes take the city inspectors who issue these permits one to two months to get to your house. This can be frustrating! By doing your project in the winter, you’ll avoid a potentially long wait time and be able to get your permit(s) quickly.

At Hatch Homes, we are passionate about doing great work for our clients all year long. Whether your home needs minor exterior repairs or you’re prepping for a whole-house overhaul, we’re here to help you. Give us a call today to discuss your ideas and to schedule a time for an initial consultation. We can’t wait to work with you and your family!

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