Reasons to Get Rid of Builder-Grade Windows In Your House

When people buy a house, particularly in a subdivision, it often comes with builder grade finishes. While there is nothing inherently wrong with builder grade windows, doors, countertops, and hardware, they are often cheaply manufactured and lack character. 


The latter issue can be a problem, specifically with windows. Cheaper windows are often less energy efficient and less durable than more expensive products. Here, we take a look at the top reasons you should consider replacing your builder-grade windows soon after moving into an older subdivision home or a new construction in North Carolina or South Carolina. 


  1. Leaks can be an issue – Builder-grade windows often tend to leak because the seal that is supposed to prevent moisture from forming between double-paned windows fails after a short period of time. Leaky windows can lead to a wide range of issues, from mold growth to wood rot. 
  2. Challenging to clean – Generally, because builder-grade windows are not expensive, they are single-hung. This is among the most challenging types of windows to clean because, unlike their double-hung counterparts, the upper sash does not open. 
  3. Lack of clarity – One of the best parts of living in the Carolinas is the natural beauty that both states have to offer. Builder-grade windows, unfortunately, tend to lack clarity because of their low-quality glass. When window panes fog-up easily, it makes it much more challenging to enjoy the view. 
  4. Drafts can be a problem – Drafty windows are no fun for a number of reasons. For starters, they can increase your energy bills all year long, no matter which region of the Carolinas you reside in. Furthermore, drafts are uncomfortable, particularly if the window in question is located next to a seating area. 
  5. Noise may not be muffled – The pricier the window, the better its noise reduction capabilities are likely to be. This means, of course, that builder-grade windows do not tend to be good at blocking unwanted noise. If outside noise is a concern in your neighborhood, you’ll want to upgrade your windows right away.
  6. Hard to open and close – Again, the vast majority of builder-grade windows are single-hung. The overall design of these windows makes them difficult to open and close easily. Furthermore, cheaply made windows sometimes stick, making them tough to use.
  7. Poorly insulated – Most builder-grade windows do not have high-quality insulation installed around them. Instead, they are usually installed quickly so that builders can finish as many houses as possible in the shortest amount of time. Having your windows replaced is an excellent way to ensure that proper insulation is used the second time around.
  8. Not secure – When you are not home – and even when you are, in fact – it is important to know that your windows are secure so would-be thieves can’t enter your residence. Builder-grade windows don’t always have the most high-quality locking mechanisms, so it is wise to have them replaced quickly for peace of mind. 


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