Reasons to Put Siding on a Home

When a house is built, dozens and dozens of different components are used to bring the entire structure to life. From the studs to the drywall or plaster walls to the flooring to the windows to the finish details, there are a huge number of materials that are required. The purpose of some objects, like doors, are obvious, but other features, such as siding, may seem to only have aesthetic value at first glance. As you read this guide, you’ll learn everything you need to know about residential siding, including why it is so important to the overall functionality of your house.

What is the definition of siding?

Although most people in the United States automatically think of popular vinyl siding when they hear the term “siding,” it actually has a broader definition. “Siding” refers to any covering that is used to keep the clads and studs of a house from exposure to the elements. Modern siding, while often made of vinyl, can be produced using a variety of other materials as well. These include wood, fiber cement, and even stucco.

What exactly does siding do?

Siding serves multiple purposes. First and foremost, it protects the exterior walls of your house from extreme heat, extreme cold, precipitation, and outdoor debris, such as leaves, branches, and even bugs. This ensures that you don’t have mold problems or insect infestations on a regular basis. Secondarily, siding helps to insulate your house. Certain types of siding have R-values in and of themselves, but all siding styles keep the insulation in your walls where it needs to be and prevents the material from deteriorating faster than it naturally will.

Finally, siding serves an important aesthetic purpose. It is the first thing people are likely to notice about your house and says a great deal about your personal style. This is why keeping your siding in good condition matters and why you should give serious thought to the type of siding you purchase for your residence. It’s likely to be there for at least twenty years, so making sure you love ought to be a definite priority.

What perks does new siding provide?

In addition to the purposes mentioned above of siding, there are other, less functional, benefits to making sure your home is properly covered with the siding of your choice. For one thing, it has a positive impact on the environment. Modern manufacturers often use recycled materials in their siding production processes and make sure their boards are rated to last for several decades. These long lifespans mean that homeowners have to replace siding less frequently, thereby producing less waste overall. Furthermore, when siding is correctly installed on a house, it typically reduces the cost of energy bills, which is especially great news for families who are focused on going green as much as possible.

Having your home’s old, inefficient siding replaced will also allow your contractor to look for and repair any existing structural damage. Sometimes, as aging siding begins to deteriorate, it allows water to settle underneath it. This can lead to rot and mold. Often, when reputable professionals remove siding, they are able to see water damage on the exterior of a house and can repair it before it begins to crack the interior walls or ceilings.

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