Reasons to Repair or Replace Your Residential Windows

No matter how old your house is, how long you’ve already lived in it, or how long you plan to live in it, the odds are good that you will have to replace or repair at least some of your windows at some point. Deciding whether replacing or repairing is the better option, however, can be challenging, particularly for those who have never previously needed to buy windowpanes and window frames.


As you continue reading this brief guide, you will learn more about some of the reasons Carolina homeowners generally repair their existing windows and some of the reasons these same homeowners typically invest in new ones. Remember, however, that the only way to get advice for your specific situation is to schedule an appointment with the experts at Hatch Homes. 


When should residential windows be replaced?


Typically, homeowners opt to replace their windows in the following situations:

Age – Over time, window technology has improved immensely. Today’s windows, for instance, have all sorts of features that older windows – even from a decade or so ago – did not offer. Specialized types of glass can reduce UV damage to artwork and furniture, for instance, and some window pane coatings are designed to specifically improve energy efficiency. 


If your windows are quite a few years old, having them replaced is a smart idea, as it will not only improve your day-to-day life, but is also likely to save you money on your utility bills over time 


Window frame damage – In most cases, if a window frame is damaged, it makes more sense to replace the entire window than to try to repair it. There are various materials, including wood, vinyl, and aluminum, that can be used to manufacture window frames. However, all of them are easier to replace than to repair if they sustain serious damage from an accident of some kind or a storm.


Protection from inclement weather – Depending on how close to the Carolina coast you live, your home may or may not regularly be in the direct path of hurricane-force storms. If you live a hurricane-prone region of North Carolina or South Carolina, it is definitely worth replacing all of your windows with specialty storm windows if you do not already have them. 


When should residential windows be replaced?


There are actually very few situations in which residential windows should be repaired instead of replaced. Most of the time, in fact, homeowners only opt to repair their windows instead of performing a full replacement if the damage is extremely minor and the windows are relatively new.


If, for instance, a baseball hits a nearly new window pane, the homeowners are likely to opt for either a repair or a partial replacement instead of paying for an entire replacement window. 


When you’re ready to get serious about your windows, contact the Hatch Homes team at your earliest convenience. We’re here to serve North Carolina and South Carolina residents who are interested in improving their homes’ energy efficiency and overall curb appeal with stylish new windows. 

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