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Many folks turn to the color of the year released by popular interior paint brands when decorating indoors. But finding the color that’s just right for your exterior can present more of a hurdle. Therefore, it is essential to consider the siding style of your home and how the colors will work in concert with it to make your exterior pop.

For example, what may look good with brick siding may not necessarily gel well with vinyl. Still, at the end of the day, how you decorate your home is about how it makes you feel, and the most important part of trends is using them to your advantage. So, take some inspiration from your Queen City neighbors and find the right color for your abode.

Daring Dark Hues

For a modern flair or an air of moodiness, many Charlotte homeowners are hopping on the trend of dark exteriors. From deep denim hues to saturated maroons and even large swatches of black, one of the most popular trends around the city is using darker tones to create striking and sophisticated facades.

These darker colors pair exceptionally well with abundant greens of nature around many Charlotte homes and work well with natural wood accents on window frames and doors. On some of the more modern homes, dark swaths are even juxtaposed against entire walls or surfaces of natural wood to temper the striking darker colors and keep the homes looking fresh.

Notable Neutrals

In stark contrast to some of the darker colors around town, many homeowners opt for neutrals that allow for other aspects of the home to be the star of the show. Differing saturations of white or eggshell over brick siding have been a recent favorite, along with farmhouse chic choices like lighter greys with white trim accents.

Even colors like khaki and beige have seen significant play in 2022. One of the primary reasons many homeowners choose neutral tones for their exterior color is the space they allow for playing with accent colors and other statement pieces. So, if you want to leave room for your personality to shine elsewhere on the house or enjoy the calming effect neutrals provide, these shades may be the right choice for you!

Eclectic Earth Tones

One of Charlotte’s most prevalent trends of home colors is the move towards earth-toned exteriors. From saturated burnt sienna to a more muted sage or airy sky blues, earth tones can be found scattered throughout the neighborhoods of Charlotte, NC, in all of its districts.

Since this palette trend has so many options, it is no wonder why so many homeowners choose something reminiscent of the shades found throughout nature. With a color to fit every personality and every style of home, earth-toned combinations are a foolproof choice for a 2022 exterior color trend with real staying power.

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