Red Flags While Interviewing Contractors

No matter where in the Carolinas you live, you’ve probably heard horror stories about people you know getting ripped-off by local contractors. No matter how nice the area you live in is, this problem does not discriminate. If you are planning to have remodeling work done on your home soon, you might be worried about selecting a contractor you know you can trust.

It’s good to be wary of service people you aren’t familiar with, but it’s also important to get your job done sooner rather than later so you and your family can enjoy your renovations. This guide features detailed information about several red flags you should be on the lookout for while you interview contractors. Keeping these things in mind could help you avoid a bad situation later.

  1. Listen to your gut – Although it is certainly important to do research prior to hiring a contractor, sometimes the very best thing you can do is trust your instincts. If you get a bad feeling about a particular contractor while you are interviewing him or her, don’t take the process any further.
  2. Unwilling to show you proof of coverage – Reputable contractors always carry proof of insurance and copies of any necessary licenses. If any of the contractors you talk to don’t have these documents and seem hesitant about showing them to you in the future, you should take them off of your shortlist right away.
  3. The contractor doesn’t have the right specialty – Some home remodeling projects, such as installing vinyl siding or asphalt shingles, can be done by almost any general contractor. Other things, though, like putting on slate roofing or doing delicate bathroom tile work, requires a specialist. If you need a contractor who has a specific area of specialization, make sure everyone you’re considering can actually do the job.
  4. Fails to keep scheduled appointments – Reliable contractors always show up when they are supposed to and, in the event, they have to cancel, they will let you know ahead of time. If a contractor you’re thinking about hiring no-shows when you have a scheduled appointment, you should move on to another option.
  5. Won’t give you time to decide – Trustworthy contractors understand that prospective clients sometimes need a few days to make a final decision. They will never pressure you to make a decision on-the-spot, and they will answer any questions you have following your initial meeting. In short, they will be respectful of you and your needs.
  6. The payment policies make you nervous – Contractors who have earned good reputations never make their clients pay for projects upfront. They understand that people need to see quality work finished before they are willing to part with their money. If a contractor asks you for a large payment in advance, you should avoid any further interactions with him or her.

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