Remodeling a Historic Home? This Guide is For You!

North Carolina and South Carolina residents who are looking to renovate historic homes are in luck. These two states are rife with options, some of which need more work than others. Whether you are looking for an old house that needs to be completely gutted and more-or-less started from scratch or a residence that already has great character and just needs to be spruced up, you are sure to find the home of your dreams in the Carolinas.

When you start remodeling a historic home, you join a club of sorts. Historic homeowners often find themselves dealing with things that people who live in newly built houses couldn’t imagine! As you read this article, you will find a collection of tips that are intended to help your upcoming historic home renovation project go as smoothly as possible.

Understand the meaning of restore v. rehab

Frequently, people use the terms “restore” and “rehab” interchangeably in regard to historic home renovations. They actually, however, have two different meanings. Owners who are restoring old houses are planning to return them to their original state. These people typically only use materials and fixtures that would have been available when the structure was originally built. A slight exception to this may be installing indoor plumbing in a home that was built 200 years ago but still purchasing a clawfoot tub from that error.

Those who are rehabbing historic homes, on the other hand, are working to modernize their houses to fit with contemporary lifestyles while preserving as many original features as they are able to. If, for instance, a Victorian home has an extremely small, cramped kitchen, rehabbers may decide to knock down a wall or two to open up the space. Then, though, they are likely to stick with cabinet hardware and appliances that are reminiscent of the era in which the home was built.

Find a contractor and specialists who understand the job

Renovating a historic Carolina home is no easy feat, and it is important to have a great team helping you every step of the way. Make sure the primary contractor you choose has prior experience working on older homes. Some Charlotte, NC area contracting companies even specialize in historic renovations, so make sure you check into their availability and rates. Furthermore, if you have to bring-in third party specialists for certain tasks, such as laying tile or restoring woodwork, make sure they have excellent reviews from past clients.

Know that your budget may fluctuate

Because historic remodeling jobs often come with more than their fair share of unexpected costs, it you need to be okay with the fact that your budget may have to be somewhat fluid. One way to avoid feeling stressed about your finances is to set aside an emergency expenses fund prior to the start of your project. This way, you will already have extra money available when, not if, unanticipated charges arise.

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