Remodeling Stages: Live Your Fairytale

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This is the final post of a four-part series about the stages of any home renovation project. The first phase, The Honeymoon Period, details the beginning of a remodeling job and the second, The Inevitable Crisis, explains that, like in a relationship, something is bound to go wrong eventually, but you have to trust that work is being done behind the scenes.

The penultimate article explains The Vow Renewal when you begin to love all the changes that are being made to your home. This last post features the Live Your Fairytale period when you and your family get to have the “Happily Ever After” you’ve always wanted in your dream home.

What happens during the fairytale period?

The Live Your Fairytale phase of the remodeling process is when you finally see the end result of all of your planning and your contractor’s hard work. If you did a major, whole-house renovation, this period of the remodel might have been a long time coming! It isn’t uncommon for large-scale projects to take months and months to complete. This can feel like forever when you’re waiting to see (and enjoy living in!) the finished product.

What snags can I expect during this period?

The Live Your Fairytale phase should not have any snags whatsoever. You and your family ought to be able to settle back into your new and improved house starting immediately. In the event that you do experience problems within a few days or weeks, such as a leaky faucet or another similar issue, let your contractor know right away. He or she will probably be willing to repair the problem and tack the cost onto your final bill if you haven’t already paid.

What should I do during this final phase?

  1. Here are a few key things to keep in mind as you go through this fourth part of your home renovation:
    Deep clean first – Before you officially declare your renovation finished, it’s a good idea to deep clean the entire space from top to bottom. This will remove any residual sawdust, drywall dust, and other debris left over from your remodel. You may even want to have a professional cleaning service do the job.
  2. Be aware of all warranties – Once your remodel is finished and everything is installed, all sorts of warranties instantly go into effect. Keep a list or a spreadsheet detailing appliance warranties, flooring and paint warranties, and any other pertinent warranties. Some contractors even have warranties available; talk to your remodeler if you are interested in this.
  3. Do one last walk through with your contractor – Before your contractor leaves your house on the final day of the job, do a final walk-through with him or her. This will give both of you, and your spouse, if applicable, a chance to see any last details that might have been forgotten. Hopefully, you don’t find anything, but it’s better to discover it at that point than weeks later.At Hatch Homes, we love all phases of the remodeling process because we know we are helping families all over the Carolinas achieve their dreams. The Live Your Fairytale phase, though, is our favorite. We enjoy leaving our clients in their newly-finished homes to make memories for decades to come. We hope this series has been helpful for you no matter what stage of the renovation process you’re currently in. Make sure you give us a call before your next project!

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