Remodeling Stages: The Honeymoon Period

Remodeling a home is a lot like being in a relationship. You will find yourself going through high points, low points, and everything in between. Starting with this post, this fun series will take you through the four main stages of the remodeling process. Today, we will take a look at the honeymoon period when you are excited about everything that is to come during your renovation.

What happens during the honeymoon period?

During this phase of the remodeling process, you go from waiting for construction to begin to living in the thick of the renovation. This means you are likely to experience a wide range of emotions, just like you do before your wedding day, as a matter of fact!

Any major demolition will more-than-likely happen at the very beginning of your remodeling project. This can be scary! After all, you are basically seeing your home being torn down around you. This part of the process is especially tough on those who are living in their houses throughout their remodels. If you are residing with relatives or in a hotel during the process, you may miss the worst of the mess.

What snags can I expect during this period?

As the honeymoon period of a renovation progresses, your “sunshine and roses” mentality may start to fade a bit, and you will probably find yourself dealing with some real-world issues. During this phase, contractors often begin to discover any problems that are going to continue to be problematic throughout the entire remodeling job. These may include previously unknown electrical issues or structural snafus.

You and your contractor will also need to obtain any necessary building permits during the initial stage of your remodel. Depending on where in North Carolina or South Carolina you reside, you may have to get these yourself, or your contractor may be able to apply for them on your behalf. Check with your local city hall if you have questions.

How do I cope during the honeymoon period?

Here are a few key things to keep in mind as you go through this first part of your home renovation:
Remember why you want this – The first thing you need to do is continually remind yourself that change is good in this case! You wanted to go through with this remodel for a reason, and it will be worth it in the end.
Learn to prepare microwaved food – If a major kitchen renovation is in your plans, you and your family will have to get creative with meals until everything is functional again. You may need to learn to use your microwave creatively or eat with friends and family members often for the time being!
Communication is key – If you start communicating with your contractor well now, things will be significantly easier as you move forward. Creating a foundation of solid communication with everyone who is working on your home will help you all keep the others in the loop as things progress.

The team at Hatch Homes has a lot of fun working on major remodeling projects. We enjoy everything from hard labor to getting to know our clients. If you’re considering big changes in your space, give us a call today!

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