Remodeling Stages: The Inevitable Crisis Period

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This is the second of a four post series about the stages of any home renovation project. The first phase, The Honeymoon Period, details the beginning of a remodeling job. In this article, you will learn about The Inevitable Crisis Period. Just like in a relationship, things cannot be smooth sailing forever. Something will go wrong, and you will have to handle it in order to move forward.

What happens during the inevitable crisis period?

During this phase of the remodeling process, you may not see much progress being made, and the only things you’re likely to hear about are problems. This can be extremely frustrating! Remember, though; it’s just as tough for your contractor to have issue after issue as it is for you as the homeowner. Staying calm is key.

Also, remember that this is the period during which a lot of behind-the-scenes work is happening. Your contractor is working on HVAC system installation, electrical wiring, and plumbing fixes, among other things.

What snags can I expect during this period?

As mentioned previously, as you enter the inevitable crisis period, you may feel like all you hear about are problems. This is primarily because most of the things that happen during this phase can lead to unexpected issues. Maybe a specific plumbing part simply doesn’t work the way it was supposed to, or, perhaps there is faulty wiring in your walls that nobody knew would have to be replaced.

These sorts of things are nobody’s fault, but they do have to be handled so your home can be a safe, functional place for you and your family. Remembering that just about every homeowner has to deal with these kinds of things during a renovation is a good way to stay calm and collected. You are absolutely not the first to go through this period of a remodel, and you definitely won’t be the last.

How do I cope during the inevitable crisis period?

Here are a few key things to keep in mind as you go through this second part of your home renovation:

  1. Keep communicating – In the first part of this series, we learned about the importance of communicating with your contractor about even the smallest issues. This needs to continue through this period in order for you to have peace of mind about what is happening in your house. The more in the loop you are, the better off you will be.
  2. Understand that problems happen – No renovation goes 100% according to plan. If you get mad at your contractor, nothing productive is going to be accomplished. Instead, remind yourself that issues arise and everything will be okay in the end.

At Hatch Homes, we do our best to help clients just like you through every part of the renovation process, including this challenging stage. If you live in our service area in North Carolina or South Carolina, we would love to speak with you about any changes you’re hoping to make to your home in the near future!

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