Remodeling Stages: The Vow Renewal

This is the third of a four post series about the stages of any home renovation project. The first phase, The Honeymoon Period, details the beginning of a remodeling job and the second, The Inevitable Crisis, explains that, like in a relationship, something is bound to go wrong eventually, but you have to trust that work is being done behind the scenes. This article showcases The Vow Renewal, the portion of your home renovation when you start to see the pieces come together and fall in love with your house all over again.

What happens during the vow renewal?

The Vow Renewal phase of the remodeling process is more-or-less the opposite of The Inevitable Crisis. You will begin to see lots of major changes happening in your home and you’ll start to see your vision for your space emerge in a big way. This period of a renovation usually occurs after the halfway point. Until then, everything is usually still in a bit of a state of disarray.

The majority of the things that typically happen during this period is finish work. For instance, crown molding will be installed, tile work will be completed in kitchens and bathrooms, and any new cabinetry will be put in.

What snags can I expect during this period?

Hopefully, you won’t find yourself facing many snags during The Vow Renewal period. If you do have problems, however, they will probably come in the form of things not fitting like they were expected to, being delivered with the wrong finishes, or having damage when they arrive at your home. Fortunately, all of these issues are usually relatively easy to fix, even if you have to wait a few days for a replacement item to get to you.

How do I cope during the vow renewal period?

Here are a few key things to keep in mind as you go through this third part of your home renovation:

  1. Patience is a virtue – During this phase of home renovation, homeowners’ patience can start to wear somewhat thin as excitement takes over. Although it is completely natural to want to see your home remodeling job fully completed, you also need to bear in mind that your contractors are working as fast they can, while still doing the project right. Trying to rush things along will only lead to problems down the road, so remain patient and trust that everything will come to fruition soon enough.
  2. Keep a list of everything you ordered – It’s a great idea to keep a thorough list of every item that needs to be installed during The Vow Renewal period. This way, if something doesn’t get delivered or is the wrong style, you can look at your list and know exactly what you should have received. Keeping track of item numbers, prices, and even UPC codes can help you correct issues with manufacturers and retailers quickly.
  3. Share your excitement – Sometimes, the best part of a big life event is the anticipation. Let your friends and family members know about the progress of your renovation and tell them how excited you are for the work to be done! Sharing your happiness with your loved ones will help the time pass faster.

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