Renewal by Andersen vs. Hatch Homes

How Do Andersen Windows Compare: Hatch Homes vs. Renewal by Andersen

When deciding on the best replacement windows for your property in North or South Carolina, there are a variety of important factors that you need to take into consideration. One thing that is indisputable is the fact that Andersen Windows is one of the leading window manufacturers in the country. Each product that Andersen offers can provide a variety of unique benefits for your home to help elevate its performance and value. However, as is the case with many of your home’s exterior elements, the perks that you reap from these windows will almost always depend on the contractors you choose to install them. Believe it or not, Renewal by Andersen isn’t quite the same thing as the Andersen window offerings that Hatch Homes is happy to provide the area with. We’ll explain some of the key differences between the two below!

What Does Each Contractor Offer?

Despite the fact that Renewal By Andersen has Andersen Windows within their business’s name, it’s not the same thing as Andersen Windows. Rather, it’s an independently owned business that offers window replacement services only. The contractors who work for Renewal by Andersen are not Andersen Corporation Employees!

Hatch Homes, on the other hand, has been fully trained and certified by Andersen Corporation in the installation and replacement of their windows. We’re an exterior remodeling company that can tackle pretty much any part of your home’s interior, from professional roofing and siding installation to gutter replacement and decking installation.

Because of our training from Andersen Corporation, we’re able to offer the entire product line of Andersen windows to clients in North Carolina, South Carolina, and Virginia. Renewal by Hatch can only offer window replacement services, and their options as far as the Andersen catalog is concerned are limited.

Comparing The Windows

In terms of the lineup, there’s no contest as to which company has the best – and most affordable – options! The only option that Renewal by Andersen offers is a model similar to Andersen’s 100 series windows with a huge caveat. While the 100 series is typically cheaper on the price spectrum, Renewal By Andersen offers this series for a price point that’s even more expensive than their 400 series – which is a more advanced model! Despite this, Andersen offers identical warranties for both Hatch Homes and Renewal, clocking in at a maximum of 20 years with only 10 years for non-glass installations.

Window Features

Next, we’ll strip the windows down to their structure and compare how they really perform against the elements. Here are some of the other ways Hatch separates themselves from their competitors!
  • Glass Type: The type of glass used on a window is critical for its performance against the elements. While you may not be familiar with either of these types of glass, it’s good to know about their performance levels. Hatch Homes has a default option of Low-E4 SmartSun – largely considered to be the best glass option for homeowners in the Carolinas! Renewal by Andersen uses High Performance Low-E4. While they may be similar in name, the performance aspects are widely different.
  • Solar Heat Gain Coefficient: The SHGC measures how well a window can resist unwanted heat gain. Especially for a hotter climate in the southern states, this is a trait you can’t ignore! The rule of thumb is that the lower measurement number that a type of glass has, the better it protects against this heat! We’ll compare the numbers for the two types of glass and let you see for yourself:
      • SmartSun: 0.27
      • High Performance: 0.41
  • U-Factor: This measures how well a window can keep heat away from your home. Like with the SHGC, the lower the number, the better!
    • SmartSun: 0.24
    • High Performance: 0.25

See How Hatch Homes Compares To Renewal Below!

Hatch vs. Renewal chart comparing different offerings

Choose Hatch Homes For Andersen Windows in Charlotte, Raleigh & Beyond

When it comes to Andersen Window installation, Hatch Homes is the more affordable and superior choice. We’ll ensure that your home has everything it needs to both look and perform at its peak for years to come. Contact us today or visit our website to learn more about our window installation options!

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