Roof Replacements and Insulation: Your Questions Answered

If you are planning to have the roof on your Carolina home replaced in the near future, there are a number of issues you need to consider before your installation crew gets started. One major thing that should be on your mind (but might not be!) is what ought to be done about roof insulation. Don’t fret if you haven’t given much thought to the details of your upcoming roofing project. That’s what this guide is here for! As you continue reading, you’ll discover a few key questions about roof replacements and insulation. 

What do roofing crews usually replace?

The amount of work roofing crews do largely depends upon the type of damage a roof has. If, for example, you live in a coastal region of the Carolinas and your home was hit by a hurricane, your job is likely to be more extensive than that of a homeowner who just needs to have new shingles put on. The insulation that impacts roofs is generally located underneath the roof decking, between the studs. If the decking is undamaged, the insulation probably won’t require replacement. 

In some cases, however, houses were constructed without roof insulation. This is often the case, for instance, in residences that don’t have attics. If your Carolina home currently lacks roof insulation, it’s a good idea to invest in some during your roof replacement. Most reputable roofing companies understand how insulation works and can advise homeowners about the best course of action in a variety of situations. 

What can cause damage to roof insulation?

There are a few issues that can lead to damaged roof insulation. As you already learned earlier in this article, weather events, like hurricanes and severe storms, can lead to serious roof damage in the Carolinas. No matter what part of North Carolina or South Carolina you reside in, there is the potential for inclement weather to affect the structure of your house.

Leaks are another possible threat to roof insulation. Depending on how your home’s insulation is installed, loose shingles or gaps between shingles can cause moisture to seep into the insulation layer. When this occurs, roof insulation almost always needs to be replaced. In addition to being less effective once it gets wet, it becomes a bastion for mold growth and other potential issues. Your roofing team will be able to tell you about the condition of your insulation once they start your job. 

Should I have my roof and roof insulation replaced together?

If you already know you are going to have both your roof covering and your roof insulation replaced, it is usually wise to have the projects completely simultaneously. This ensures that your roofers don’t run into any unexpected issues and, in certain cases, can reduce labor expenses. If you are reticent to spend the money on both jobs, see if your roof installation company offers any sort of financing. 

At Hatch Homes, we can handle all sorts of roofing projects, from replacing a few missing shingles to installing an entirely new roof from scratch. If you have questions about the services we offer throughout North Carolina and South Carolina, or if you’re ready to schedule a job, get in touch with our helpful office staff today. We look forward to working with you soon!

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