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Downtown Chapel HillAt Hatch Homes, we take roofing seriously. Roofs are, after all, not merely part of a house, but a security measure that keeps your family safe and secure no matter what the weather is outside. We are proud to offer our expert services to residents of Chapel Hill, NC and the surrounding towns of:

Carrboro, NC | Sanford, NC | Fuquay-Varina, NC | Burlington, NC 

We are proud to annually renew our membership in the Owens Corning Preferred Contractor Program. This allows our entire time to attend courses regarding all things roof-related, from new and exciting materials to more efficient installation tactics. When Chapel Hill residents choose Hatch Homes, they are choosing the very best crew in the region.   

We offer our clients a variety of Owens Corning goods and these other highly regarded asphalt shingle options: 
  •     GAF
  •     Certainteed
  •     Atlas
  •     Tamko
How do you know when a roof needs to be replaced?

Generally, asphalt shingle manufacturers offer their buyers 20- to 25-year warranties. It is important to understand, though, that a warranty doesn’t guarantee a product’s lifespan. There are certain situations that can cause Chapel Hill, NC homeowners to need replacement roofs sooner than expected. Some red flags are detailed below. 

Missing shingles – If you’ve recently seen loose shingles laying in your lawn, you should contact the Hatch Homes office at your earliest convenience. Missing shingles are nothing to fool around with, as they can lead to serious structural problems, including wood rot and major water damage. The sooner you have your Chapel Hill home’s roof replaced after you notice bare spots, the less likely you are to have costly repairs.   

Leaking ceilings – Ceilings that leak are not just annoying but can signal severe issues with your house. In almost all cases, leaks mean that your roof needs to be replaced. If you don’t address the root of the problem, you will simply be forced to continue dealing with leaks and water stains every time it rains or snows. 

Collapse – In the worst cases, deteriorating roofing materials can lead to collapsed roofs. Typically, only sections of the roof cave-in, but this can still result in devastating interior and exterior damage. To avoid the potential for this situation entirely, make sure you have your roof checked out as soon as you see signs of problems. 

Hatch Homes can install:

Architectural Asphalt Shingles:

About ¾ of all the houses across America have asphalt shingle roofs. This is mainly because shingles are inexpensive and work well on most kinds of houses. If, however, you aren’t a fan of the basic look of three-tab shingles, ask your Hatch Homes installers about architectural asphalt shingles. These are popular among Chapel Hill homeowners who want a visually impactful look. 

Metal Roofing:

Metal roofing is the ideal choice for Chapel Hill-area residents who prioritize the lifespan of their roofs above all else. Metal panels are frequently sold with 50-year warranties, which makes them among the most long-lasting roofing materials on the market. Today’s metal roofs are also significantly more attractive than those installed in decades past. 

Rubber Roofing: 

Rubber roof tiles are perfect for homes that have severe leak issues. Since rubber is nearly impermeable, you won’t have to worry about rain and snow seeping into your home. Furthermore, rubber is an affordable alternative to shingles for those who want a less common roofing material. 

Will my homeowner’s insurance cover my roof replacement? 

In most situations, homeowner’s insurance companies are willing to issue payouts for roofing jobs, particularly when a weather event or a natural disaster was the catalyst for the project. If, however, you are investing in a new roof just because you’re tired of your current one, you may have to pay with your own funds. A Chapel Hill, NC insurance agent can help you better understand your personal policy. 

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